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Symbols instead of letters and numbers


Alright, so this is my first post, but the whole reason I joined was to report this bug. Whenever I type code into the code box, it appears as symbols, and not everyday symbols like parentheses or quotations. Here’s a screenshot:

This bug appears on my Google Chromebook within Chrome, but on my desktop, it works just fine using Chrome. I do not know if this is an error in the computer, the game, or the system, but I figured I should report this bug ASAP.

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what prg are u using

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Oh I see It’s python

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Did you try reloading your chromebook?

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This happens in Java and CoffeeScript too, but I tried reloading my Chromebook, and I’m about to play. Thanks for your help!

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Hi, couple things of note:
This is a type of font, called “Webdings” or “Wingdings” (not sure which of the two). I believe they use it to make the little warning triangles on some of the comments on games.

I agree that this is a glitch on their end, but you might be able to fix it from your end. First try changing browsers. If that doesn’t work, try temporarily changing the site language. Go to and change it to something like English (UK) in the top right. Then load the game and see if the symbols are still there. (can, of course, change it back after you’re done)

I just want to mention something based on your last comment, as it’s a common misconception. Java != Javascript. Java is a language that is similar to C++ and is used for desktop applications and android apps (among many other things). Javascript is a web-based scripting language that we use in web development and CodeCombat.

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Ok. This is helpful too, especially since I tried reloading my laptop. I’ll try using the language change, since I don’t have a different browser.

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