[Solved] Help clash of clones (javascript)

Hi, I need help. I have been stuck on this stage for forever, using obsidian shield, helmet and armor. I also use simple sword. I have tried many different strategies, but have not been able to win. Can anyone help? Thanks
Here’s my code:
while (true){
var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
if (enemy && enemy.health > 0) {
if (hero.isReady) {
} else {

Try to unequip the sword since the clone does not know how to bash.

I can’t becuase I can’t hit play when I unequip my primaru weapon

I can’t press play. Like, the play button will turn gray and I can’t click it

How about using a hammer instead?

Can’t those are restricted tried

never mind just won with a longsword

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The longsword is the best I have to say that!

If you want to cleave swarms of munchkins, yes. :slight_smile:
However, it mainly depends on what sort of level you are playing. It is best to get a wide variety of weapons to enable your hero to have a lot of versatility, and strategize as required.

OK. Well now I know not to use the same weapon on all the stages :neutral_face:

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