[Solved] Help with Yak rampage

I need help with the level yak rampage, here is my code:

while True:
    flag = hero.findFlag("green")
    if flag:

and here is my armour:

im not done this level either but maybe your pet can distract?
tenor (2)

Instead of moving to the flag and removing the flag just pick up the flag with hero.pickUp(flag).

Let me try that (20 chars)

Nope, does not work, I go for a bit longer but I still do not win

@cheddarcheese I tried to, but the yaks are to fast and it turns back into blue fox

Please help (20 chars)

Circle the outside with flags.

Your pet will distract the yaks, use flags to move near the walls, let the yaks form into a blob that way you can go round and round and the yaks will fallow you

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Thank you so much @milton.jinich @abc

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