[SOLVED] Help yak rampage python

my hero keeps dieing

def kite():
    flag = hero.findFlag()
    if flag:
        pass  # `pass` is a placeholder, it has no effect.
        # Pick up the flag.
while True:

This is unnecessary. That’s like an attosecond

What equipment are you using

Even though I havent done this level I dont understand why you are using the 0.000000001 second. You could just use 0.1

I think that’s less than a blink or a eye

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It’s rather about your actual flag placements. The speed of Yaks scale on your hero’s movement speed, so the slower your hero, the slower the Yaks, however speedier heroes have a slight advantage vs. slow heroes. I’ve personally beat this level pre-release with Tharin with no ring of speed. It takes a few attempts.

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Same here :handshake: It’s just circles

I used invisibility, and blue fox, but otherwise, I just picked up flags.

You just need to have the blue fox distract and go around the perimeter so the yaks are in a blob and easier to control

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uhhh im saving up for nalfar so i dont want to spend any gems

would you rather get a legendary item that will never come out agian or a hero that will be on CodeCombat forever


Plus, It is VERY GOOD with thornpick.

what is the point of thornprick if they hit you so hard and they have a lot of health

uhh i finished already

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