[Solved] How to use shield function


In the Shield Rush" level, I dont know why I 've to move for use the shield function.

    enemy= self.findNearestEnemy()
    if self.isReady("cleave"):
        # Else (if cleave isn't ready), use shield
        self.moveXY(36, 10)

If the move function is not present I’m dead
Could you help?
Thanks in advance

If you don’t move and you just cleave right away, not everyone is in range when you cleave, so you die. It’s kind of a limitation of the level; I think we will try to kerjigger it to make it not necessary soon.

Is the shield effective while moving or only while stationary?

Will your character visually use the shield when it’s effective?

Found this in another thread:

Shield makes you stop moving and [use the] shield, but only for a split second, so it doesn’t grant protection moving forward. We are soon to hook up more shield animations for the other heroes besides Tharin so you can see when you’re doing it.

It seems like it would be very difficult to use properly if you have to get the split second timing right for it to be useful.

BTW, I’m playing as the Samurai. I’m guessing that character doesn’t have the shield animation yet.

The idea behind the shield is that you can use it to stay alive longer while your allies do some fighting, so it’s intentionally not super useful on levels where you’re on your own (warriors are already hard enough to kill in duels).