[Solved] Lua not available?


So I’ve been working my way through Backwoods Forest with Lua. All good save for the occasional level that won’t load when using Lua. Not ten minutes ago I was completing levels (with Lua), but then I was asked to switch to a different character for a level and Lua was gone from the drop-down list.

I’ve checked a dozen levels and it’s not available on any of them. Did I break something?


CodeCombat does not fully support Lua. Try loading the level in JavaScript, resetting it, then loading it again in Lua. This may or may not work. It’s possible that the level just doesn’t run in Lua.


I’ve run into levels that don’t run in Lua, but this isn’t the problem. Lua is available as a selection even for the unsupported levels–it just won’t load it until you switch to Python or JavaScript.

What’s happening now is Lua is no longer an option for any level. I’ve gone back and checked levels I know I’ve done in Lua, and it’s gone. The only options are Python, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript.


@maka lua is not a option for codecombat anymore. look at the image below

are they going to edit some of the functions and then reintroduce it?


I’ve sent out a GitHub issue and hopefully devs will reply soon!


any word? I only subscribed for Lua, so if it’s been discontinued I need to know


Hi there,
We have disabled Lua for ‘normal’ users.
If you really want, you can continue to use Lua, but I can’t recommend it – we haven’t been able to fully support it for quite some time and we’ve decided we just don’t have the resources to do the light support we have been doing.

Here’s how you can still load Lua – after the level loads in Python or JavaScript, just add ?codeLanguage=lua to the URL (if the ? is already there, you don’t need a second question mark). Feel free to play in Lua, but you should know that we are not converting levels to Lua at this time, which means none of the default code will be correct.

There are some shortcuts to converting python to Lua. Generally, you can replace the dot (hero.moveLeft()) in a Python command with a colon (hero:moveLeft()) but this may not always be true, especially on newer levels.

If you wish, you can direct message me (or email team@codecombat.com) with your account username and I’ll refund your subscription payment.

We apologize to any Lua fans.



I’ve tried with https://codecombat.com/play/level/blind-distance?codeLanguage=lua , modified the java-script code to lua and it works.


Got a reply from nick saying they disabled it.