Language glitch?

So i m stuck on triage (i might make a topic about that) but then i pressed something and this window poped up and it said some weird stuff about languages (even THE subscriber language) so i reloaded the page and it saved so i re selected python.I would like to learn more about it!

okay C++ is subscriber only language all the other languages are non-subscriber got it @WaWa_Yang

oops im gonna change that

oh ya btw there was even other languages

btw is lua a sub language ?

C++ that is a sub language

Lua is a language, but not available in the language changer. You would have to type in something after it. But I forgot.
Maybe @Alexbrand or @Deadpool198 knows.

As far as I know it’s not available for subs or non-subs at the moment.

i saw someone using it in cavern survival did he hack(maybe) it?

No, lua was available for certain period of time, but then reduced. I bet if you see persons with lua glyph you also may look at the time they changed their code - it was long time ago.

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I would like to note that forum search method is powerful tool for anxious and inquisitive mind)

@Alexbrand i took a quick look at the topic. I came across someone showing a link and showed lua. Does it work for every level like

You can try;) ) But even if it does - it’s not officially supported for now.

Oh i see (kinda) what you mean @Alexbrand tough i tried it with a lot of different levels the choice’s are still in python (which is my programming language)

Fun Fact: When CodeCombat was still new, there were also Clojure and Io, but they proved to be too incompatible and those languages are now completely deprecated.


Will Lua ever be an official language to learn?

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Probably not based on the behavior and changes in the past few years

Probably… I do roblox studio stuff you see and the programming language is in lua


I saw this language with some guys in some levels in Dungeon. But when I clicked on them it said that it’s Python. (it wasn’t Python) I was confused.
Thanks for the explanation!