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[SOLVED] Need help on Range Finder


I am on the level range finder and I have everything correct accept for that I cant find the positon i type in hero.say(" "); but it doesnt show me the position to attack.


You’re trying to find the distance, not the position. To find the distance of the target, you need to use this format. Be sure to check if that target exists too.

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It says "Find and say the distance to enemy4 " wouldn’t that mean i would use the hero.say to do it. I tried to do Var distance = hero.distanceTo(Target) but it said.
Argument error: DistanceTo’s argument target should have type object, but got null. DistanceTo target is null. Does the target exist?(Use if?)
I read the hints and did it a couple of times and everytime i did it came back with this same text.
How should i go about fixing this.


I found out what I was doing wrong I needed to put
Thanks for your help i shouldve been more specific of my problem.