[Solved] Not sure what I am doing wrong-Sand snakes

# This field is covered in firetraps.  Thankfully we've sent a scout ahead to find a path.  He left coins along the path so that if we always stick to the nearest coin, we'll avoid the traps.

# This canyon seems to interfere with your findNearest glasses!
# You'll need to find the nearest coins on your own.

while True:
    coins = hero.findItems()
    coinIndex = 0
    nearest = None
    nearestDistance = 9999
    # Loop through all the coins to find the nearest one.
    while coinIndex < len(coins):
        coin = coins[coinIndex]
        coinIndex += 1
        distance = hero.distanceTo(coin)
        # If this coin's distance is less than the nearestDistance
        if distance<nearestDistance:
            # Set nearest to coin
            nearest = coin
            # Set nearestDistance to distance
            nearestDistance = distance
            # If there's a nearest coin, move to its position. You'll need moveXY so you don't cut corners and hit a trap.
    hero.moveXY(coin.pos.x, coin.pos.y)

I don’t do levels the way it asks me to so I just did it using moveXY

That is cheating! Bad boy!

hey but it works for this and cubic minefield

tut tut, how naughty

I’m giving you a answer do you want to do it my way or the instructions way

I have worked it out the legit way

@milton.jinich, if you want to dodge a challenge and learn nothing that’s fine, but don’t encourage other people to do it as well.
@QinWentian, your code is almost right.

You go to the trouble of creating the nearest variable and then you don’t use it?

sorry Just done it(20)

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Thank you! So glad I have a nice forum to help me out :slight_smile:

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