[SOLVED] Query around Web Dev 2

I would like to know when does Web Development 2 levels get unlocked. I got my subscription just for that and I am not able to access it and there are no pointers suggesting when it gets unlocked/prerequisites. I have completed all 13 levels of Web Development 1.
Appreciate the help.

Welcome to the forum @Coderoo.
I am pretty sure you can only access Game Dev 2 and Web Dev 2 when you complete the Backwoods Forest level, Siege of Stonehold. What world are you on currently?

You get game dev 2 when you are like halfway through the forest

Oh, I only accessed it after I completed Backwoods Forest.

That is around half way

Thanks a lot @abc and @milton.jinich! I am at level 36 in Blackwood Forest.

@milton.jinich Would Web Dev 2 unlock halfway through the forest as well?

they Unlock around the same time

ok. Thanks a lot for your help!

it’s this level

Thank you so much @ineedhelpwithcoding for the specific response.
Much appreciated!

your welcome.
congrats on making it to web dev 2!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :sunglasses:

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Thanks @ineedhelpwithcoding :blush:

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you already said that but ok your welcome

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