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[SOLVED] How do I unlock game development 2

I have played game development 1 and web development 1 and the main levels on backwoods forest and game development 1 is still locked for me. How do I unlock it?

You bought a subscription and beat all of Kithgard Dungeon, Gam Dev 1, Web Dev, 1 and Backwoods Forest? If so it should of automatically unlocked? I just beat backwoods forest now and I am able to go to both Web Dev 2 and Game Dev 2 as well as the Desert.

Oh that happened with me to you need a subscription for it to work but it didn’t use to be that way so I completed it and then had to subscribe later.

Do I have to completed all 127 levels in Backwoods forest to unlock the game dev 2

No, not all of them, but you do need to progress to a certain point…sorry, not sure exactly which level this is. There is another topic about this that is currently being discussed, please take a look at it too.

Actually, there are 135 levels to this campaign :wink: