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Is the level after Kelvintaph Glacier not going to be developed?


When I got on codecombat, it was no longer there. Was it replaced by the game and web development levels? And how do you unlock these levels?


I believe the Web Development and Game Development levels become available once you get through Kithgard Dungeon.


Do you have to go through all of the levels on Kithgard Dungeon?


You need to finish level called “Kithgard Gates” - the one which unlocks forest campaign, if you’ve done it already and can’t access Web Development nor Game Development - resubmit your code or finish the level once again and it will work :slight_smile:


Now there’s a second game and web development, do you know how to unlock that?


Game/Web Dev 2 are unlocked after playing the level “Go Fetch”, in the Backwoods Forest.


I can’t seem to find that level. Have a direction on where it is?


Yep. There are some new levels in the Backwoods forest, so you might have to resubmit a few to open up the additional levels.