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[SOLVED] Reaping Fire Bonus Bug

I got the bonus on reaping fire originally, but when I submitted it, I failed - and still got the bonus! Should I have not gotten the bonus because I failed when I submitted it?
The bonus was not succesful below, but as you can see I earned both bonuses somehow!

It may be just an unlucky seed. Try resummiting. Do you need to know anything else in regards of this problem?

Have you submitted previously and received the bonus?

I belive so. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In that case, it is simply reporting what you have earned on the level. It will always show that same pic…you don’t actually earn it again.

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No, I meant that when I ran the program, not submitted it. I thought that when you run the program, the goals don’t matter unless you submit the level.

I did not submit it before.

Then try to follow this advice. Maybe that really was an unlucky seed and most of the cases your code worked so this is why it gave you the bonus. I know because that happened to me too in a different level. So you want to know anything else in regards of this problem?

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it happened to me as well :smile: