[SOLVED] Resetting game progress be affected by "five free levels" update?

I really didn’t know on what category to put this so I hope I haven’t messed up with this question.
I created this account more than 3 years ago but I dropped coding in 2018. The thing is, I’d like to reset my game progress. I don’t have a subscription to CodeCombat and since the game’s changed to the “get 5 levels for free and then pay to continue” I don’t know if by resetting my progress I’d later be stuck at the fifth level.
I also couldn’t find other topics related to the specific matter at hand. However, if I did happen to miss one I am sorry for uploading about an already existing topic!

Thanks in advance!

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You won’t be stuck in the five levels thing, I reset my game to play in js and it didn’t cause me to be stuck.


could you please put solved in the title? thanks.

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Its only if you make a new account


okay then, thank you!

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