(Kinda) Restarting the game

So as I haven’t played the game in around 2 years, I wanna start playing it again (from the start) in JS instead of Python.
Though whenver I go onto a level, it just converts my solution code into JS.
Question: How do I reset all the levels’ code without having to manually reset it one level at a time?

I think in your profile or settings it’s like clear all your progress or smth


yes im pretty sure that vanessa is right

I see what Vanessa is refering to though I’d like to keep my progress.

Ah, so you want to keep your gems and stuff?

I do.
I spent all of year 8 playing the game and I don’t wanna lose everything

Hm… Sorry for the ping(s) but @Chaboi_3000 @Deadpool198 Do any of you know the answer to this?

Maybe you just make an alt for JS? I mean, yeah, restarting your main account is painful.

We’d like to make a better functionality for this, to be able to replay levels in different languages, but right now we don’t have a good solution–resetting one level at a time is one workaround, starting an alt account is another, and resetting all progress is a third.


Well, I’ve created a new account and encountered the “6th level for subs only” issue
Apart from resetting each level, are there any other options?
It’s painfully slow.
P.S. Resetting my main account is a last resort, I really want to avoid it

Edit: I’m resetting my account, time to learn some JS!