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Reset progress?

Look who’s back to the party!

SOOOO long life stuff happened and long story short I came back to pick up where I dropped off but am at kind of at a loss! I don’t want to lose all the stuff I worked for because I’m just having a few blanks here and there so is there any way to reset just level progress?

Alternatively I have been going through all my old code but figured, outside of simulating all my gems and redoing all my achievements, could burn through the levels in no time!

Looking forward to your responses,

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Welcome back Areau! I’m pretty sure @Chaboi_3000 said it was all or nothing. In order to retain my items/gems, I created a new free account, just so I could preserve the code…I was not very far in to the subscription levels then, so it worked for me.

Maybe you could take all of the levels from the beginning and while they’re all “officially finished”, you could go click the reset button at the top right of your screen, and code it again from the start. This way if you remember how to do everything up to Sarven Desert, but have completed halfway through Kelivintaph Glacier, you can continue on from the Desert and won’t have to spend 5 hours in Backwoods Forest and Kithgard Dungeon.


Thank for the replies! I have decided to go fourth with Github and just copying sections of code that I forgot through the main trail and not looking too much into the side stuff! That way I have points to reference =) I noticed the leaderboards don’t seem to be working which is a shame! I like to see how others write their code so that I can modify and learn off it (created a different post on that topic)