[Solved] Sarven Desert - No 2nd Trials

Help please. I have beaten the round called “The Trials”. I heard there are 3 and I have beaten the 1st. Then I do not know where to beat the 2nd. There is no more Flag sign after I beat the Trials round, meaning it is completely finished. I used flags to venture around the map so basically I submitted at once and with the help of flag guidance I beat the oracle of Zha already. Here is a screenshot for proof:
download (1)
Please help. I do not know what to do after. This might be either a bug or I just missed something. Thank you.

can you provide the entire screenshot? (tip: zoom out)

I think you already beat it.

@I_can_rob_you was right. I was thinking you could have possibly defeated the oracle before killing all of the oasis guardians, but then I realized in order to spawn the oracle, u need to kill all oasis guardians.

so ummmm why can’t the 2nd Trial appear?

I’m pretty sure you beated the level already. after you killed the oracle.

beated? I don’t get it. After you kill the giant Shaman the 2nd trial should appear. But as far as I’m concerned it seems to me there’s only 1 trial. And after you beat the shaman you beat the whole round. But it says 3 trials so where’s the 2nd?

How many giant ogres did you kill? Each time one of those is killed it’s the end of a trial. The oracle shouldn’t even spawn until you’ve killed all of the ogres and munchkins and three giant ogres.

Whenever you see mushrooms, that is the start of the next trial.

the 3 trials are the 3 giant ogres. the final boss is summoned by the completion of the three trials.

Ohhh I get it now. So basically you finish off 3 ogre encampments. Mushrooms appear you take it to heal and after all 3 Oracle of Zha spawns. I thought its basically 3 rounds and the Oracle Of Zha is just part of the first trial. I don’t understand though, I thought it’s gonna be super hard. I beat it with the Runesword and the Oracle died in 3 - 4 hits. From what I hear, people really struggle with it so I thought this can’t be all 3 trials. But Thank you for making me understand. I just thought the Oracle’s powers were as godlike hardcore as the round said. :sweat_smile:

they probably debuffed (nerfed, if you want to say that) everything…
It’s harder with wizard probably, because u have super low health. (unless you are Nalfar, which would sweep the lvl easy by summoning soldiers and ogres and sacrificing them to get lots of health)

I used Pender and beat the level, I just used the reset cooldown to gain a gigantic army, although it was pretty hard to code. I had to use all three flags and I almost failed, but I won with 4 health left. LOL

Just use unholy book V and keep spamming drain life if you ever need any…?

No, you use the reset cooldown on the skeleton summon, and if you need health, you just use life-drain.

Oh. Thought u used reset cooldown on the burl summon

but tbh, i think ritic with gift of the trees bow is better.

Hey guys. Thank you so much for making me finally understand. I need help with one more thing though. I just bought “The Precious” and it has a new ability called canCast. Since I’m new with this ability can someone please tell me how to use it? I seriously don’t get it. My most important question also is, do you need to use “isReady” to cast it (if its not ready it won’t work)?

Thank you.
StormRage MC :slight_smile:

canCast isn’t an ability. It is used in a similar fashion as isReady. Spells have a cooldown just like cleave.

if hero.canCast("spellname")
    hero.cast("spellname", target)

CanCast has to specify a target too, unless it doesn’t have one, like gold storm, summon undead, etc
Python version:

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
if hero.canCast("Avada Kedavra", enemy):
    hero.cast("Avada Kedavra", enemy)

JavaScript version:

var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
if (hero.canCast("Avada Kedavra", enemy)){
    hero.cast("Avada Kedavra", enemy);