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[SOLVED] Stuck in "Library Tactician" (Mountain)


Hey guys, I need help with this one, the problem I have is that a unique soldier always dies almost in the end of the battle and I really don’t know what to change…
So here’s the code, if anyone can help…

# Hushbaum has been ambushed by ogres!
# She is busy healing her soldiers, you should command them to fight!
# The ogres will send more troops if they think they can get to Hushbaum or your archers, so keep them inside the circle!

def summonSoldier():
    if > hero.costOf("soldier"):

# Soldiers spread out in a circle and defend.
def commandSoldier(soldier, soldierIndex, numSoldiers):
    angle = Math.PI * 2 * soldierIndex / numSoldiers
    defendPos = {"x": 41, "y": 40}
    defendPos.x += 10 * Math.cos(angle)
    defendPos.y += 10 * Math.sin(angle)
    hero.command(soldier, "defend", defendPos);

# Find the strongest target (most health)
# This function returns something! When you call the function, you will get some value back.
def findStrongestTarget():
    mostHealth = 0
    bestTarget = None
    enemies = hero.findEnemies()
    # Figure out which enemy has the most health, and set bestTarget to be that enemy.
    # Only focus archers' fire if there is a big ogre.
    if bestTarget and > 15:
        return bestTarget
        return None

# If the strongestTarget has more than 15 health, attack that target. Otherwise, attack the nearest target.
def commandArcher(archer):
    nearest = archer.findNearestEnemy()
    if archerTarget:
        hero.command(archer, "attack", archerTarget)
    elif nearest:
        hero.command(archer, "attack", nearest)

archerTarget = None

while True:
    # If archerTarget is defeated or doesn't exist, find a new one.
    if not archerTarget or <= 0:
        # Set archerTarget to be the target that is returned by findStrongestTarget()
        archerTarget = findStrongestTarget()
    friends = hero.findFriends()
    soldiers = hero.findByType("soldier")
    # Create a variable containing your archers.
    archers = hero.findByType("archer")
    for i, soldier in enumerate(soldiers):
        commandSoldier(soldier, i, len(soldiers));
    # use commandArcher() to command your archers
    for i, archer in enumerate(archers):


Without knowing the level - I notice that the function findStrongestTarget() does not loop over enemies at all. It seems to always return None. Is that intended?



OK --> (code below).
But I still have the same problem, please somebody help!
Or Maybe the level needs some rebalancing?

def findStrongestTarget():
    strongest = None
    strongestHealth = 0
    enemyIndex = 0
    enemies = hero.findEnemies()
    while enemyIndex < len(enemies):
        enemy = enemies[enemyIndex]
        if > strongestHealth:
            strongest = enemy
            strongestHealth =
        enemy.Index += 1
        return strongest


Might be just a format issue, but the return statement is executed directly in the while loop.

Plus, in the original function, there was some kind of check, wether your strongest target is worthwhile targeting: “if strongest/bestTarget and > x:”

You might try to use hero.say(strongest) in order to check, wether the unit you are targeting is really worthwhile (i. e. very strong).


Finally!!! I solved it!!!
In def commandSoldier I was missing this:

if ( > 60):
     hero.command(soldier, "defend", defendPos)
     hero.command(soldier, "defend", {'x': 42, 'y': 40})


Thank you! I’ve been stuck on this level for well over a day now, and I wasn’t able to find a single (working) solution anywhere online (even solutions that have supposedly worked for people in the past). I think this level should definitely be tweaked, whether it be the amount of ogres spawned or a better tutorial/comments in the code. As far as I know this solution isn’t the intended way to complete the level. Thanks again!