[SOLVED] The One Wizard - hero not recognizing 2 enemies - Python

I am only at 40% of the Backwoods Forest, so what I am trying to solve is probably way too hard, however I tend to get really obsessed with challenges and unsolved questions. I easily passed this level with 1 out of 3 bonuses, but after digging deeper and trying out a lot of stuff to improve, I ultimately get stuck at something weird. I kill the first catapult, now my plan is to kill the two Scouts that attack at that very moment, and hope to kill the second catapult (or whatever else comes next). However, whatever code I try (check out the difference between the 2 screens), my hero keeps ignoring those 2 Scouts (see screenshot) and they are very dangerous for her HP and kill her. I want to try running around to dodge the 2nd catapult’s shots and kill it with a special attack, but these stupid two creatures won’t let me maneouver.

OK, I actually did finish it on my own now. If you are interested how I fixed it, I’d love it if you read my code:

[MOD i read ‘‘solutions’’ aren’t allowed, but I am not sure what to do it’s my own solution to one of many ways one could finish this level]

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