[Solved]Treasured-In-Ice pls help

Hello, I need some help in this level, anyway ,here is my code:

exitPosition = {"x": 150, "y": 120}
zeroShift = {"x": 10, "y": 10}
distance = 16
move = Vector(distance, 0)
direction = Vector.add(move, hero.pos)
while True:
    while not (hero.isPathClear(hero.pos, direction)):
        move = Vector.rotate(move, Math.PI / 2)
        direction = Vector.add(move, hero.pos)
        # hero.say(direction)
    hero.moveXY(direction.x, direction.y)
    move = Vector.rotate(move, -Math.PI / 2)
    direction = Vector.add(move, hero.pos)

I guess it’s like me, since Treasured in Ice for me also moves in a circle.

I tried the code. Something is definitely wrong. Ask @Watamelon or someone else that has complete all the levels in CoCo.

Either that or you copied from somewhere else, but it seems like you coded yourself.

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That’s code from Github I’m quite sure, I’ve seen it like a million times…

Also, or me? I’ve completed all free levels and most premium lol

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I’ll give you a tip: use the chest as a way to find points

?, I didn’t use the code from Github

Then why have I seen this exact code so many times?

Please explain this topic

And explain this… please don’t use code from Github: read rule number 4

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