[SOLVED] Wut do flowers do?

wut do they do im confused

what do you mean? 2000

to me they only serve as deco

@cheddarcheese you’ll use them to solve some levels in the mountain area.


imnot there yet only lv 5

What, do you mean, lvl 5 in general or lvl 5 in the mountains?


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flowers do nothing really they’re just for decorations. In a level in the mountain you will get a ring which can create flowers which complete some levels but flowers actually don’t do anything at all.

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Flowers can help you, for example, you wrote Vectors and you want to know, how are they working. And when you equip Flowers Ring you can see how are they working.

Well Vectors are more like arrows. So you can’t really visualize them. Like move(Vector(x,y)) takes you to that direction, not a point. Ring of flowers are mostly for geometric levels like circles and other complex shapes.

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i thoght it was gravitational force

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No, I meant like in Capture their flag Pakahontas is wearing Flower ring and when robot’s missile wants to attack him/her he/she is using Vectors from it, and robot can’t attack him/her. And we see how are they working.

Can you clarify? I don’t quite seem to understand. There’s no real way to get coordinates for flowers so I wouldn’t see why it helps at all.

Flowers help to see them.

Can you screenshot by what you mean by “seeing vectors”?


That’s not really seeing a vector. It’s just the trail from the player. If you look closely at some of the Vector levels you play, you can see the red target icon in front of you(Or your direction). That’s the end of the Vector. Anyway, I’m closing this thread as it is now solved.