Some new miscellaneous ideas

I’ve been playing CoCo for a while, and I have racked up a few ideas that I wish to be implemented

  1. You can sell heroes, pets, and items for 50/75/90% of their original price
  2. Either by time or by gems or by whatever, a hero can use weapons and gears from other classes
  3. You can rate each level

What are y’all’s opinions?
~ Orb

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I’d say only items should be sellable. (Pets included)

Too confusing. Okar with a hunting rifle doesn’t fit.

You can already give feedback on levels here :wink:


But selling items really should be a thing (I’m scared to ping nick)

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It has been mentioned quite a few times (look up “sell items” on the discourse), so the devs definitely know people want it as an option, and maybe they will eventually find the time to implement it. That is if they think it’s a good idea :grin: I do btw.


or that there is a repayable level in kevllenedeph

I think this ability will be a Godsend to many people who are struggling with money. I bought 25000 gems to buy Illia and Morning’s Edge to fight my way through Summit’s Gate - I don’t know what I would have done without it. On the note of gems, when you reset your progress, does all of the 43k gems you got from the lifetime subscription come back to you? Or do you stay with the gems you finish with?

All purchased gems will be refunded, including those gained from a subscription.

Wow. I can start Kithgard Dungeons with almost the same hero as I ended CodeCombat before!