[Ideas] Stuff in codecombat shop

Everyone likes the shop, you can purchase gems or get subscriptions, but it’s a bit lonely with only that. So in this topic we will discuss ideas for new shop items that you can purchase with real money. Please no off topic posts here, because they will be marked as unrelevent.

For example:

The mage starter pack!
Quick description: A powerful mage with a ton of gems to help you on your journey!
What’s inside: 15k gems and starter pack exclusive mage hero!
Price: $9.99
Exclusive item description: Type: Wizard, Attack: 160%, Health: 140%, Speed: 11

To post an idea for a shop item(real money), use this format below and post!

Required format:
[Name of the shop item/set/advantageous item]
Quick description: [A short description for the shop item/set/advantageous item]
What’s inside: [A list of what’s inside]
Price: [The price of the item/set/advantageous item, in dollars]
(For those who have an exclusive item or hero) Exclusive item description: [Stats for the item/hero]

Good luck in making new ideas for paid shop stuff, and never let this topic die! Drop a :heart: if you like it!


Name: Totally not p2w Pack
Quick description: If you want to be the best, buy this pack.
What’s inside:
No cooldown on replayable level submissions.
Special Hero:
Name: Mr. Don’t Get Hit. Difficulty: Hard Type: Wizard Weapons: Wands, Staffs - Long Range, Magic. Damage: 250%, Health 1% Speed: 25m/s
Force FIeld - Attract all targets to a certain location or send all targets flying away from a certain location. The target(s) will be flung/pulled with the power of 5 fire-traps stacked on top of each other. Cooldown: 20 seconds
Am I normal? - Multiply health by 100x for 10 seconds so the hero can actually take a hit. Cooldown: 20 seconds
OP Weapon for Each of the 3 hero classes + other accessories:
Ranger Class:
Shadow Sniper: Damage: 200. DPS: 100.
Description: Infinite Range, Bullet travels through walls.
Warrior Class:
Heroic Trident: Damage: 3*100. DPS: 200
Description: The Heroic Trident allows you to attack up to 3 targets at once, dealing a total of 300 damage per attack, evenly spread among targets.
Wizard Class:
The Phoenix Damage: 75 DPS: 150
Description: The Phoenix (a staff) allows you to summon a phoenix every 30 seconds, which will drop firebombs from the sky between two specified positions.
Exclusive Accessories:
The Troll Ring: (Equip-able by all classes)
Description: Every 10 seconds (whether you like it or not) you will be teleported to a random location that is within line-of-sight.

In addition, you get extra 50K Gems (I don’t know why you would need it since you are already Overpowered but it would probably make you feel good)

Package Price: $150

Personally I would never buy this in eternity. :stuck_out_tongue:

How much do you guys think the package is ACTUALLY worth?

  • Less than $10
  • $10
  • $20
  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100
  • $125
  • $150
  • $175
  • $200
  • More than $200

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I like @Chaboi_3000’s idea better because it is in a good price range and gives pretty reasonable stuff

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And you cant have a really OP hero ability or item because it would defeat the whole purpose of the game which is to be challenging and fun.

What if I only make the hero and weapons usable only on non-concept learning levels.

wouldn’t that make codecombat a pay to win learning game?

It is a pay to win learning game already.

Look at the “All Time” leaderboards for replayable levels. They are filled with subscribers.

good point. but what about that Tharin Thunder Ironfist guy?

Calling CoCo a pay to win game a bit of an overstatement. It depends on why someone is playing. It’s always possible for non-subscribers to complete all the available levels and finish the game without a subscription, you just get a TON more levels and fun stuff with it. That’s why the leaderboards are full of subscribers. Of course anyone is going to do better with better equipment and better heroes but the biggest prize of playing Code Combat is learning to code, and even non-subscribers can achieve that.

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I agree totally with @MunkeyShynes

Just make the set a reasonable cheap price, and something that’s decent and not too OP

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I agree. CoCo should hire you to make new stuff @Chaboi_3000 :wink:

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Thanks :wink: I really wish I can be one of the devs.

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Yeah, but some non-subscribers can earn some money, jobs/chores etc. and buy a cheap set, which might be able to help on their journey.

Yea me 2. I really want to incorporate my ideas into CoCo. I really want Darth Revan or Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker

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Search up Darth Revan and look at the pics. Could you pm me the coolest pics. I think it is time to change my pic

I’m working on unity 3D game creation which is 3D. Since, codecombat, is 2D using JS, I think I’ll be able to help design heroes, and also help with new thangs.

Cool! Could you do me that favor pls. My google is acting up

As cool as some star wars stuff would be, it’s called copyright infringement. I’m sure that Disney would send an army of lawyers after you the day you released it. LOL.


Ok let’s get on topic now…

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