Some of the keyboard shortcuts do not seem to work

I am trying to get the keyboard shortcuts to work. Some of them work, some do not. I am trying to “toggle grid overlay”. However, when I type in, “^+G”, nothing happens.

I am using SHIFT - > 6 (for the ^) and then typing in “G”

Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I am on a windows system

Hi there! I believe CodeCombat uses ^ to mean Ctrl, so the shortcut ^G actually means Ctrl-G.

I hadn’t really noticed the key shortcuts page before. This notation does seem a bit archaic — perhaps the dev team would consider changing these labels? They already spell out Ctrl in the hover text, but I didn’t expect hovering over them would do anything at first.

Thanks so much, WizardDude. I tried Alt and Shift - but did not even think about CTRL

It is true that ^ is a more oldschool way of saying ctrl, so probably not appropriate for modern players. There isn’t really room to spell out ctrl, though. I’ll add a legend.