[Solved for now] Problem selecting from in-level menu or level 'window'

The last couple of times I’ve been on, I haven’t been able to access the menu of commands (like when you click on attack(target) next to the picture of the weapon, a little sidebar scrolls out telling you how to use it). Instead, a copy of that command (like hero.attack) gets pasted into my code wherever I was typing last. Similarly, if I click anywhere on the ‘playing field’, the coordinates get pasted into my code. (As a dictionary, like ({'x': 36, 'y': 45})) (If I click smack onto a clickable, I can snag it.) I took a quick look at GitHub, but didn’t see this.

I’m using Firefox.

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Can you give me a screen shot please and also try Chrome.

What would I take the screenshot of?


Did that work?

The computer I’m using doesn’t have Chrome

I think you need @Bryukh or @nick.

I think it’s better to add to the issues on Github. Also, could you add more screenshots there?

What would I screenshot? The screen looks normal.

Hey guys,

Don’t summon @Bryukh or @nick, please. Both are very busy making more awesome things for CodeCombat. Plus, support is my job.

A “hidden feature” of our API list of commands is that if you shift-click on it, it pastes the command into your coding window. If you do a normal left click, it expands to give you more information about the command.

So it sounds like you’re shift-clicking the API. If you’re not, try clearing your web cache and see if that fixes the issue.


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@maka I cleared the cache, and so far, so good. Thanks!

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@maka So, clearing the cache does the trick, but I had to clear very frequently. I think I figured it out, though; I think there’s a plug-in I had activated that made it weird. I deactivated it, and at least for now, things are fine.