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Spoken language varies according to character class


I will post on github issues - but thought I would check here if there is a simple intruction or fix that I have missed.

This is a hilarious ‘bug’ in that it appears as if the characters are speaking random languages - “Break the Jail” it is noticable.

The main character and the archer speak English. The soldiers speak a Germanic language and the ogres appear to be speaking a Chinese dialect…

We noticed it on Chrome in MacOS and Ubuntu.

Worth documenting in a github issue? Or did I miss some simple intruction?


Oh yes, for me almost no one speaks English or any kind of language I can understand. I taught this was a feature, rather than a bug. I could be wrong taught, as I never heard it in any other way ^^


Ah - fine. In any event it is enjoyable.


haha - I missed the ‘its a feature not a bug’ reference


Yeah, we have recorded some Simlish audio for each unit so that they can say something when we don’t have the actual audio files recorded yet.