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Screenshot (15) click it twice

@cheddarcheese can you at least check in around 6 oclock tonight for the discord server thank you see everyone there

@Alexbrand, my g, is this necessary? :expressionless: (it rhymes!)



lolololol try beating him/her and that will turn into wins

But won’t @Alexbrand want to then beat the updated code?

holy cow @Alexbrand what where you doing or thinking or were you not thinking not to be rude or anything
i am a how to train your dragon fan toothless is my favorite dragon what about you guys?

the night-lights 200

do you the name of all 3

Dart, Pouncer, and Ruffrunner

Oh, my) Idk how it happens. I have about 4 tabs for simulating games. @PeterPalov have the same experience with my hero on Cavern Survival.

same here. I bought the prodigy one myself, though.

I have they same strategy as @Alexbrand keep a billion tabs open that simulate matches

Join spam

Just some HTML changing uwu:

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Haha, nah it’s fine. I don’t actually mind. I think it just simulates against one person sometimes. It’s a good tactic :grin:. You’re almost first on the blue…

Maybe) Algorithmes of simulating are strange sometimes.

Yep, almost)

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@Deadpool198 do you feel equal with me now?

go here
press run
then put in );

yes @riticmaster9087 this is very much spam I’m pretty sure cause you are technically doing/saying everything again and again.

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This is off this pages topic

stop it @qwerty I can’t read all those dots