[Spoilers!] Illia's ability REVEALED


For now, it’s secret, I don’t want to ruin the fun. Maybe a spoiler when it’s time? But the abilities are legit, but it doesn’t have any visual properties to it yet. But once you hear what they made for Urasara’s abilities, you’ll be AMAZED.


I’m so excited for the spoiler, then! :joy: I can’t wait!


Update: According to current data, the reflect ability is basically a shield that makes projectiles bounce off!


Nice! Can she fly as well?


Nope, and by the ways, there’s an item that’s going to be released called the winged boots.


Winged boots? Are you releasing all these new techy items and heroes?


Hmmm… @Chaboi_3000 are you the one releasing these?


No (20 characters…)


Then how do you know so much about this?


Because I do :slightly_smiling_face:


I like your new profile picture. It’s pretty cute. :rofl:


Agree (20 Characters 42 :joy:)


It’s an angry standing up kitten, with clothes.
Doesn’t get much cuter! Lol


It’s actually a famous historical figure, but as a cat.


is it from Naruto :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, not at all. Why would you think that though?


I dont know. it looks like a Japanese anima tho


It is a famous Japanese daimyo though. (As a cat.)


Then i dont know (:sob:)


A cuter version of him. :wink: