Illia - How do I use her abilities effectively?

Hello guys. I have just bought Illia Shieldsmith but I don’t know how to use her abilities effectively. Help would be appreciated!


i do not have Illia so sorry but I can not help you but try asking @Chaboi_3000 or @nick

Is there sidebar with commandable methods listed on any level?

@FalconX11_312, have you seen the post about Illia’s basic abilities? If you haven’t, that might be helpful. Here is the link to the announcement post about her which shows some clips of her basic abilities: Illia is released!
If you need a more detailed explanation after watching these, you can just ask. Hope this helps!


In fact, I have, but I don’t know how to use them effectively. Take Reflect. How can I use Reflect to reflect projectiles. Do I do hero.reflect(hero.findNearest(hero.findProjectiles())) ?

not reley all you need to do is the timeing

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This is an example code you can use to test out Illia’s ability reflect

while True:
    enemyMissiles = hero.findEnemyMissiles()
    for missile in enemyMissiles:
        if missile:
            dir = Vector.subtract(missile.pos,hero.pos)

Hope it helps,

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What does this mean? Sorry I am on Summit’s Gate so I have not learnt this yet.

I actually got this from one of Chaboi_3000’s post in DM
Quote Chaboi_3000:
This takes the Vector from the missile to the hero and reflect in that direction.
Finish Quote:
I actually don’t know how/why it works. But it works.

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