[Spoilers!] Illia's ability REVEALED

The shield bubble ability is confirmed to be this:

The force bolt ability is this:

The slam ability is this:

The last ability reflect:



Illia has a force bolt ability? since when

Oh damn dats nice. (shield bubble’s not as cool as I was hoping though)


I expected it to be a force field, but I guess an iron cage is more realistic

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Yeah, ur right, I’m exited to see what they do.
But she costs like 15000 and I only have, Hmm 236. and I only have about 20 levels left in the glacier so unless volcano world comes out soon I’m gonna be stuck for a while.
I just looked at the thang editor and the way she makes the shield bubble is so cool, it’s mad.
Check it out: https://codecombat.com/editor/thang/guardian and below the grid select bubble-self, instead of move; and play.

I think the price is 16000 @Deadpool198


Well, great. Juuust great.

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Sad, that you dont get it if you’ve played the “Fight Illia Shieldsmith” Level :wink:

Yaaay scince i have around 70100 i more than enough to afford her! :smiley:

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@Chaboi_3000 where’s the slam ability?

Right here.(20 characters)


I meant like in the drop down list.

Maybe it hasn’t been added, the shield other hasn’t been added either, I’m exited about that, imagine shielding one of your paladins and letting it heal you without getting killed, hmmm

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How come I didn’t find her in my Heroes list? Is it a new hero? I like her powers, though. It sounds like it’s better then Anya’s. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if she had force fields?!


@SwordandShield, Illia is going to be released, and she’ll be an epic tier 4 hero, which means her powers will be great as Ritic’s. The reason you couldn’t find her is because she isn’t released yet.

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No wonder I didn’t find her! I can’t wait for Illia to be released! I wonder how many people will use Illia. Is she a female or a male?

She’s a female warrior only available for people who subscribe($9.99/per month or $99 for lifetime) and purchase her for a large amount of 16000 gems! So she’ll be hard to obtain.

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A female warrior! That’s cool! I didn’t subscribe yet, so that means I can’t get Illia. Too bad! :slight_smile:

There’s actually 3 female heroes coming soon to the game, Ursara(Wizard), Illia(Warrior), and Zana(Ranger)!

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That’s super! What is Zana’s powers?