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Stop Subscription

I have a problem.
my son was registred on site and totally forgot login/password.
But I want to stop the subscription, please help

P.S. I’ve tried to send a message through contact us, but the form is not working
please contact me with using my email

To quote Danny, from a previous post:


(Subscription issues)

Hi @11142, welcome to the forum. I think @Ryan (our customer advocate) might be able to help, or you could email

Hey @Ryan
I’ve wrote to the, but didn’t receive any answer

@Alex_Suhomlin I checked our emails and am unable to find any from you, apologies for that. I will need to ask that you send in an email as we need to ask some questions to identify your subscription however please send this (and any support requests) to rather than team@. They both work however the correct support channel is support@.

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I’ve sent email on