Strange bug, what is it? "Ho, Rakash!"

My account: barabaraba
Its not the first time, All my munchkins are running to the top right corner and screaming: "Ho, Rakash!" or "Hello" and ignoring all the enemies. Enemy hero is Hushbaum, and as I know she dont have any spell that can cause such behavior.
Mod edit: Please don’t swear

This is definitely weird. Seems to be a hack in the code for Lisa Monique (#1 on the human side). Appears that she is somehow changing the target position of munchkins with something like:

for e in enemies:
    e.targetPos.x += 100
    e.targetPos.y -= 100

Of course, I can’t get it to work for me…

There’s some complicated set of steps in Lisa’s code where the API protection fails. Yay, my favorite thing to work on!

Upgrade the API protection Nick!(Get her down from there she could hurt herself :wink: )

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Protection saves lives!

I’d love to see what she did once you have fixed it so others don’t duplicate it.