Dungeon Arena: Units targetting allies

My units seem to be endlessly attacking their allies, depending on what unit my hero is focusing on.

As ogre shaman, the hero is casting grow on many of my units, so it is targetting friendlies. The munchkins and throwers are using that as targets and start attacking the friendly unit.

They never deal damage, but won’t snap out of it. Some even target themselves.
In this picture, the selecting unit is targetting himself. The other munchkin is targetting a thrower, and that thrower is targetting a different thrower. The rest of the units are attacking fine.

I do have “Too many errors” message (which isn’t being helpful), but I think this is unrelated due to other units targetting fine.

I’ve gutted a bit of code to try and track this down or find a workaround. Yet to be successful in this endeavor.

Is there a way to reset a unit to it’s default behavior state?

Oops, I think that if you this.say("Attack") and you have a target set (because you’re casting a spell on someone), then your minions will try to attack that target. I’ll have to fix the HearsAndObeys Component to not have your minions try to attack each other in this case. I’ll fix that up as soon as we get a bug fixed that’s preventing me from making the change to the database.

Thanks for the great bug report!

Thanks, I try to be helpful when asking for help.

I’ve made the changes; is it working now?

Yes, I got into one game that was previously a tie, and the units appeared to be fine.

Thanks for the fix.