Strats for Carvern survival

Hi there, last time we talked about dueling grounds and harrowland, so today we are going to go through Carvern survival!
best warrior:
Ned(i think), heart-shield!! Build decoys!!
Well, a bit hard to beat him.
There is a funny strat, first go to the enemy hero’s place, then build 5 decoys to let ogres go to you, don’t build anymore, then when you are almost died go to the one of the wall and it teleport you back to your place, which don’t have much ogres!! Then invisibility, shield, heart-shield!!!
Boom!!! your done!!
best ranger(never use that):
(No recommand, don’t use rangers)
best wizard:
Everyone knows how to sacrifice right?

hero.cast("sacrifice", #who your sacrificing, #who you sacrifice for)

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Hey guys, you know that ned is gone now, so i figured out a new strat, so just choose a warrior, i would recommand you use gordan, so, bash the two doors if the door is alive, then invisibility, then go around and shield, so:

while True:
    #go to the any place, just move a bit