Strats for harrowland

As you see

I am the first, so today i am going to share my strats
for Okar, you need to have speed ring and sword of the temple, but remember don’t use the sword to “power-up”, why? if you want to know, just PM me. for other warriors, you don’t need speed ring, just need a nice sword and very good armors!
for rangers:
use gifts of the trees to scattershot,if your ritic, better use backstab, but if your others, use the sparkbomb(pls don’t throw it to the sand yak), so i just throw it once.
last, wizards(i don’t recommand you use wizard, they sometimes will just make the yaks mad :laughing:)

summon burls, skeletons, paladins to heal you
also, creat a vector to let the paladin stay infront of you from the enemy hero

So, guys, this is my strats for harrowland, and i hope you like it, if you like it pls drop a :heart:
Thanks for reading!

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Gear for Okar:
Gear for Senick:

have anyone beat fatdecoy before?btw.

@Peterpalov have beaten fatDecoy yet?

I feel like these replies are getting out of the original idea of the topic.
Answer: I think yes, I did, but after multiply changes of the code, I don’t beat him now.

Oh, but i can’t beat him :laughing:
but in that way, i shouldn’t be the top

Well, my first strat was to cast earthskin, that i can at least survive, but after that i fugure out that my scores are very bad, so i just try a nother strat :grin:
And also, if you use illia, just use the strats like @nick , he is good at protecting friends, reflecting bombs from rangers, slam to kill all the soldiers and archers! Last, force puch… not realy useful :thinking:

And guys, i don’t realy recommand you to use wizards!

Well, last thing to tell you guys, dont use Pender, her health is too looooow!!

When you are sure your code is good, then just simulate!!

@PeterPalov why is your score down and down?

Isn’t your topic supposed to be just for tips, and no other discussion about ladders?

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Please don’t @ nick ;-;

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agreed, but u do not need the red glasses, u only need the magic lenses. also the belt can be replaced for caltrops, if u want, drag scale golves are decent when using illia

and boss star 4 is NEEDED for this, paladins are essential

But if the enemy hero aimed at me, then the paladin won’t work

I don’t realy use caltrop(the belt gives you more health)
And just equip the best gear in every level

EZ boiii

Oh, mabye i didn’t simulate with you, lol
and every time you submit every time you get different seed

Your top…???
where are you?
in the ladder?