Strict Punishments From Parents

It shouldn’t but is considered one

ooooh that’s a topic im not gonna dive into

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Ah ok

Were you just chilling and he said out of nowhere that he can knock you out with one slap?

Yepperdoodle. Just watching Instagram Reels peacefully

Although imo it depends on the context

He started it then you shouldn’t be punished so severely

what he should’ve said to his parents is that he did it in self defense

That too

I did and got cited by the police for “overreacting” and “being too aggressive or brutal to your aggressor”

alr now I understand but the police?? Why???

Did you cause somewhat severe harm to your friend?

How was it so serous that the POLICE cited you???

Nope, I used Monkey Paw fist closing whatever, it’s a palm strike basically so I maybe put dirt in his eye

Idek but if I get one more they can press charges

Weren’t you at school??

Have you done something similar before?

Nope. Peaceful human most of the time

I haven’t really gotten strict punishments other than the time where I couldn’t use my iPad for a day because my mom caught me playing games during [virtual] class. It’s not that severe, I found a way around it, and to my defense, I knew all of that stuff.

In fact, when I got a 63 on a test, my parents weren’t even mad. They were just like “remember next time, okay?”

But something like this happened at school today, where a kid started choking another kid for making fun of him for being suicida1. I haven’t seen him since that moment.

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Were you fined