Strict Punishments From Parents

So I got suspended for a minor altercation 2-3 weeks ago for 5 days, and now I’m grounded until 2026- mid-2027. I can’t have my PS5/Phone/Tv/Computer until mid-2025, can’t have social media until 2026, have to paint the inside and outside of my dad and mom’s houses, and have to work in concrete with my dad (unpaid), and I can’t do drivers training now bc of this. Anybody else in solitary confinement


Your not serious. R u

I am 110% serious. Please help

How are you able to contact us?

if you’re telling the truth and cant be on social media, then how are you here right now

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School Computer, It’s required for school so they LEGALLY cannot ban me from it

Oh yeah
Forgot about that
Now what’s the minor altercation?

Small fight, kid slapped me so I punched him like twice

Ok so the only thing that might be illegal is the unpaid work besides that every thing is legal.also just so you know it’s not April first

Why’d you get grounded for so long then. He slapped you first
What did you do to make you slap him?

the unpaid work isn’t illegal especially since it’s from his parents.

Called him the r word because he said he can knock me out with a single slap

Oh ok wasn’t sure if it was too much work

Correctorooney my friend


There’s an r word :skull:
You’ve got to be kidding me

r*tard thats the r word

That is not a curse word

Why’d he say that tho?

It’s a derogatory/antagonising word