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What happened(and why)?

Why was my account on hold?


This is an automated message from CodeCombat Discourse to let you know that your account is no longer on hold after staff review.

You can now create new replies and topics again. Thank you for your patience.

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Chaboi muted you for 1 day as a warning to stop the spam, but I belive you understand now to not spam, right?

What is spam and how to stop yourself from accidentally doing it?

can anyone answer that please?

I already told you. Do not write nonsense ( like djshdmdsorhdi) and do not post more than you should and you should be all right.

What about stopping yourself from spamming without knowing its spam. Like u don’t know ur writing stuff ( like djshdmdsorhdi)?

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I think I answered my own question

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don’t write too much

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not more than 40 chars

You can do that when you have muck to say.

You can write as much as is needed for the response you intend to make. What is not needed, is posting one reply after another, as you just did. You need to understand that every time anyone posts a reply, a notification is sent to all respondents…that adds up to spamming their inbox, so to speak.

Okayy… I get it now. Thanks @AnSeDra and @dedreous!!