Stuck in glacier (non-subscriber)

So as a non-subscriber I have completed 8/14 levels in glacier. As far as I can till there is one more non-subscriber level there, but it is not unlocking for me. I redid kelvintaph-defiler to see if that triggered it, but it didn’t help.

Is there any way to unlock the last level, and should that give access to the next world?


That new, free glacier level is something special coming up–will launch it soon! Keep your eyes on the blog.

We’ve been working on that lately and it’s been taking up a lot of our level-creation energy, so we don’t have any further glacier levels yet. We do release new levels every week, though. If you’re hankering for more CodeCombat, in the meantime you could do more of the multiplayer/replayable levels, create your own levels with the level editor, or check out our 80+ subscriber-only levels with the subscription.

I haven’t seen any new non-subsciber levels for several weeks now and no adventurer emails either.
The last entry on the blog seems to be the results of Zero Sum from six months ago. If that is still the main blog, then levels don’t get announced on it very often. Maybe the new glacier level is another tournament? Those would take more level-creation energy to make.

Edit: It’s all in the level editor! There’s even a new background for True Names.

Ok thank for info. Great game btw.

Not complaining about lack of content, just reporting this in case it was an oversight and that free level somehow required a subscriber level to access.

The new level is now released (+blog entry).