Stuck on inventory screen in campaign


Decided to give campaign a try. When I click on the first mission (Peasant Protection, IIRC), a character select screen pops up, followed by an inventory screen. I equip the boots (or at least it looks like it) and I’m stuck. The Play button at the bottom of the inventory screen is greyed out. How do I continue?

Edit: labelled under bugs just in case it’s a bug.

is there still an arrow pointing at something in your inventory? in the right box, it will say “equipped” at the bottom if it is equipped.

This time I went to, hit the play button in the centre, and got brought to a dungeon. Here the play button on the inventory screen is green (not grey) after equipping items.

In my previous post I wasn’t in a dungeon, but in some open world.

Edit: I just beat the dungeon and I’m now in the area that I was in at first, which is called the forest. Somehow I was able to skip the dungeon and get straight to the forest the first time I tried to play – I got to the site that time via a promotional email from CodeCombat.