Campaign: Equipped items missing inside level (spells not available, levels unplayable)

( Previous post discarded my text description of the problem :frowning: )

Bug Description: I equip an item in the inventory screen, then when the level loads that item and its spells are missing.

This has happened in two desert levels so far: Thunderhooves & Keeping Time, but I suspect it might happen with others as well.

The screenshots show Keeping Time. Here I equip a long sword, then click Play. Once in the level I get the error that attack() is undefined and not a function. We need to attack in this level so it is now unplayable.
I exited and tried to re-equip the sword, but it remains missing.
I did accidentally try to play this level before with nothing equipped in the weapon slot. When I realized this, I exited to equip the sword, but then this started happening.

A similar thing happens in Thunderhooves when I replace the simple boots with the improved boots that provide the moveXY() function. After the level loads I only have the moveRight|Left|Up|Down() functions. I was able to beat the level by building a fence on the required y-coordinate, then used moveRight().

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How about now? I’ve reverted a change which I think might have introduced this buggy behavior. Sorry about that!