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Mad Maxer Strikes Back


Anyone complete MMSB with the Samurai yet?
Whacking them doesn’t seem to be a problem, but the third wave overruns me instantly.


Huh, I just tried it again for curiosity and the same thing happens to me when using Tharin (I die on 3rd wave). I think this level was a lot easier a few days ago when I passed it then.

I’m too lazy to try now but probably would work better with a ranger or wizard? Otherwise you take a lot of damage as you travel from enemy to enemy. Fight arrows with arrows?


Yeah, I figured I’d have to fall back on one of those to get it if nobody else had managed it with the Samurai.

I’m far in the negative gem-wise so won’t be able to test out a ranged character with it, since none of mine have any armor yet :smile:


I retry today with Anya, and it was ok : success.
I suppose this level adapt the attack to the player, maybe there is a trouble in the adaptation for some type of players.


I used the kithsteel blade it’s pretty cheap 1,600 gems for a strong sword. I had about 907 health but also did it with 1157 health and different code


I beat MMSB with Tharin. I had ~ 2479 HP(Worn Dragon Plate w WDP Helmet). I used a Ring of Speed and Fine Boots. I tested for “dash”. It invoked twice (I think). I survived with 199 HP.


I just do it as it tells me too, using long sword, engraved obsidian helmet, worn dragonplate, sapphire, infinity, leather boots. you know. I die on the third wave. I tried using cleave. no use. shield. die quicker. Oh, I have the same rusty shield thingamabob. Anya. could use Thrain but they’re the same. @George_Christovich I have no hope if you have wdp helmet and ring of speed and fine boots.