Summits gate tips and advices - Wizzard

After spending a ridiculous amount of time at the summits gate, I thought I might share some tips with others.

I picked wizard with the staff that summons burls.

first, find catapults with findbytype and select them with [0] and [1]
make your soldiers attack catapults, you may command some of them to attack [0] and others [1]
its OK if none of your soldiers survive.

you can find doors by findbytype “door”
and you can get their location by using pos.x and you can make functions to attack doors, or keep it simple if statements

if (door && door.pos.x == 150){
attack while doors health is >1 

if you pick a wizard, you can attack towers from a great distance and towers cannot hit you back.
you can find towers with findbytype as well, “tower”,
you can target them with [0] and [1]
while tower[0] health is > 0, make your hero attack from distance
when that’s done, target the next one.

now, the fun part,

When you move to the next room (after towers),
your heros will be fighting with orges. If you wait a little or help your soldiers, they will win no matter what.

what I did was, I command them to defend me, and command paladins to just heal me. Even if my health is full.

Cast invisibility, move to one room where there is a warlock.
Cast fear, summon undead, summon burl and raise undead. You can do mana blast, cooldown reset, and such as well.

After the first warlock is dead, there should be enough corpses around for you to summon and raise undead enough to finish the level.

just do basic find nearest enemy and keep attacking. Write your summoning spells in one function and the remaining ones (drain, fear, etc) into another. Cast when ready inside a while true.

This should let you finish the level.

if you play it with Warrior, you need top notch armor and weapon.
When level starts, make your soldiers attack catapults again but don’t send paladins.
Command the to just heal you, Go attack the tower, and do the next one.

after that wait until your health is full (let paladins heal you)
Move to room with a warlock, beat it, summon griffins and such, stun, bash, warcry, go crazy.

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I don’t think it’s that hard, I beat it in one hour :)) with pender

First, manablast, kill the catapult, and go to the inner breach, swap to get in (two towers don’t count as “ogre” appearently). Kill the ogre-f. Then kill the warlocks with your mass army. Then, cast flame-armor and summon a troop of griffin-riders to kill the chieftain, remember to target the witch first.

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I envy your access to wizards before getting to Kelvintaph (lol) I had to use a warrior to beat summit’s gate and my program sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t