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Surveys! Which is better?

I started codecombat a year ago

Coool i started this year

what level u on right now?

i finished all levels on my other account and is level 42

I am only up to the Cloudrip Mountin.

guys go to Codecombat Would You Rathers

CodeCombat abbreviated

Hmm, I can’t beleave this topic has been left alone for that long.

Lol. Btw guys u won’t see me in discourse for that much this may last years cuz I’m very busy

i only choose runesword for a reason there is a game called shining force (the #1 prob) and has a weapon called the runsword :rofl:

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    • Potato
    • Yeetato

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What is a Yeetato. (20 chars)


What happens when you yeet a potato.


I’m 9 (200000000000 char)

I mean, yeeting a potato is quite therapeutic.

No. The potato yeet me.

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what do all these pets do?

hey @cheddarcheese here is a link for a minecraft topic if u wanna check it out
Talk about Minecraft:

Hey @cheddarcheese @EpicCoder999 won’t respond because his account got suspended.

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Ban evasion. He’s suspended FOREVER