Codecombat surveys

Which sword do you like better?

  • Kithsteel Blade
  • Edge of Darkness
  • Great Sword

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Which shield do you like better?

  • Steel Striker
  • Engraved Obsidian Shield

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Which pet do you like better?

  • Blue Fox
  • Pugicorn
  • Phoneix

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Which multiplayer level do you like better?

  • Harrowland
  • Dueling Grounds
  • Cavern Survivals

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Thanks for voting!

There’s also an Metallic Spider Pet, I will add it in later

Spider seems to be broken at the moment :frowning:

They’re so cool! Is it possible to get rid of the background?
And how come the spider is a weapon?

WOW!!! dont u have gaulet of strength?

can u increase morning’s edge’s attack power? rite now it only costs 2400 and only have 80 dps…

Can u equip the King’s Ring plz chaboi

Cool but i thought this was about surveys

This is my survey site:

subscriber or not
  • yes
  • no
  • not anymore

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