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Talk about Minecraft

I played it and figured I like normal Minecraft better

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I played it @FalconX11_312 but I do agree with @Justin_Stevens regular Minecraft is better.

Soo, a big problem, since no one has been on the server for so long, the server was deleted…

make a new server then? I might be able to come on and rebuild

i did, its the same ip

Any1 play hypixel skyblock?
my SkyCrypt is here —> EnderLord7389 | SkyCrypt

ye i do. Check out my skycrypt. My username is CrypticLucid and profile blueberry (sorry I can’t access skycrypt bc its blocked :frowning:

dood u have 47m (I have like 30k :sob:)

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thats cuz i left like 14 t11 snow minions running for like 8 months

I have t7 clay minnions + t7 lapis

noice. e-lava buckets?

I have no Idea why but I spent 2m on a fabled 5 star aotd :frowning:

dude u have livid dagg?

try recombobulating your fot and l-dagg

this topic rlly blow up

does anyone play windows 10 edition?

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That’s old. I saw that like… nearly a year ago?

Idk i think its creepy the thing about herobrine