Talk about Roblox

yep, thats easy quick money. but theres so few people with those bounties and i suck at police lol

good point. it usually depends on the server you join. if the chat is full of crim, then i be cop. if its all cops or nothing, then i be crim.

you can add me my username is Hellomewoc

Ah, so you are the one who necroposted this.


also maybe if you are cop you can team up with another cop and wait for a lone criminal

I want to be friends with you @Lydia_Song :] (quadra90 is my username)

Hello add me on roblox my user is KingRaichulighting

Bump, also, I found a web emulator for Roblox that actually works better on non-computer devices than the app made for them LOL link

I play that on my school computer :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Blocked for me lol, my school’s wifi + GoGuardian is like a prison

it work for home wifi

They install this on every laptop in the school, it basically restricts everything that isn’t school-related
For this, I think they kept it unblocked as we use CodeCombat to learn coding

School wifi = easily exploited, what is GoGuardian?