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Talk about the game Grounded

Does anyone have a Xbox one rn?

The pictures look like the movie “Honey I shrunk my kids!” Don’t know who’s seen it, it’s kinda old. But they end up that size in the backyard. They ride an ant once.

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i saw all the movies for that series:
“Honey I Shrunk the Kids!”
“Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!”
“Honey I Blew up the kid!”
but lets not off topic here… My dad plays grounded and its kinda annoying and funny…My dad has the hardest times with the fleas. His character is flailing as he tries to kill ONE flea!

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What’s grounded @Aslaya?


read the top I put it up there! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


woah this game is scary @Aslaya! that’s not as bad as Little Nightmares! :grin:

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Really?I watched them both and little nightmares was truly a nightmare

why is my topics for the new peeps!? no offence, @Mono hi wanna be friends?

none taken and right away? sure…

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yay! ok grounded is scary too try escaping the spiders!

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ha! anyway, do you guys have other topic i might be interested in? you know cause topic help and off topic look long.
Spiders are not very scary they are just part of the game unless your scared of spiders irl!

yeah, we have pm, I’ll invite ya there

oh, sorry, we have too many recipients, can’t add you there.Maybe @Aslaya knows any?

you can take @Starlight12 off she told me she’s getting off discourse… but @Mono you could try at least looking through some off topics…

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alright i’ll try but its a long list…is there a Little Nightmares topic?

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not that i saw… (20 chars)

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no, but you can create, @Mono

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alright i’ll create one tbh idk how many people will see it.

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