Topic for Fortnite

I created this topic so we can talk about fortnite here. Enjoy! :pick:


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@Vanessa, you might want to look into this…:eyes:

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I haven’t played it for a while(Like several years). While I have to admit I am pretty horrible at it, I can boast about some pretty rare cosmetics I unlocked along the way. If I have the guts to crunch some storage, I may try it out sometime again. :thinking:

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What do you play Fortnite on anyways? Is it like the Xbox, PS, or computer? :thinking:

I use computer, because I don’t have money to buy Xbox or PS lol.

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I used to play on my iPhone, but also occasionally played on my Mac(It did not go very well)

I play on my PS4, and i must say i have gotten better!

I play on PS5/ Nintendo Switch
User: dyl_p1ckl3

Username: magicalbunny059

My dad picked the name i promise! :flushed:

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I like that name. It’s cute and funny. I also didn’t realize you could play Fortnite in so many places.


yeah people pay mighty attention to the name in squads lol