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It’s me and now I am Dragon badge! (not fairy) :frowning:

I can speed-build tho, and kill a person with a sword when they have a katana owo

nice bro, and also I can triple wall with repair tower then i trapped them until they give up and leave the game >:)

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I have every pet in the game unlocked expect the living mushroom at 37/ 50 tames :frowning:


I wish you coud trade tames to your friend but like they have to expect.

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Do you get bored of this game? I was bored about a month after starting. :thinking:

Owo how??? (complete sentence)

anybody wanna play now?

Yeah sometimes but not always (to Enpointe77)

I love the game, it’s amazing but I like to play Brawl Stars now.

Hi, I’m Shelly, I’m new.

Welcome Shelly! This is very fun, somebody new!

Hi Shelly! Welcome to the Discourse! :partying_face: This is a fun place to share your ideas, chat with some amazing people, and ask for help on CodeCombat levels. If you haven’t already, take a look at the new users’ guide, or learn how to format your code correctly. We hope you enjoy your time here! :tada:

Hi, Shelly you there?

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Shelly, I have ur charger. Also, you need a longer Introduction in Compte les etoiles.